Scope Of Services

HR Advantage Advisory is equipped to help our clients in all facets of Human Resources. From corporations who seek to augment their HR capabilities, to start-ups who need to establish sound HR practices and processes to realize their potential, to established businesses who now desire a thoughtful plan to transition to the next generation of leaders, HRAA consultants and executive coaches support the attainment of our client’s ambitious goals.

Scope Of Services

We have experience in the full lifecycle of your employee journey, assisting with strategies to recruit, manage, train, and develop your talent, through employee off-boarding when necessary. We are experienced in providing tactical HR support and proactive, strategic planning and execution of human capital strategies that support and enhance your business objectives.

Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Administration of Benefit Enrollment
  • Maintenance and Upkeep of Employee Data
  • Employee Relations Support
  • Annual Performance Review Administration
  • Employee Offboarding including Exit Interviews
  • HR Policy/Employment Law Compliance
  • Leave of Absence Management
HR Services

HR Services

Alternatively, HR Advantage Advisory can provide HR Support Services for those areas of HR that are not core to your current HR team, or to free up your HR resources to do what they do best in supporting your business objectives.

Exiting Employees

Exiting Employees

  • Oversight of exit process
  • Coordinating terminations with Payroll, Information Technology,
    and/or Facilities, where applicable
  • Coaching for and conducting exit interviews with employer
  • Oversight of COBRA notification process
  • Completion of unemployment forms
Workers’ Compensation & Other Leaves Of Absence

Workers’ Compensation & Other Leaves Of Absence

  • Assistance with workers’ compensation reporting claims to carrier,
    back-to-work authorization, and coordination with other leaves
  • Disability or other paid leave insurance
  • Federal Family & Medical Leave (FMLA)
  • State specific family leave
  • Other federal, state, or local mandated leaves
  • Employer-specific personal leaves of absence
Personnel Files & Labor Law Posters

Personnel Files & Labor Law Posters

  • Compliant labor and employment required postings
  • Reminders about compliance deadlines (ex. EEO-1, OSHA 300)
  • Set up of personnel files
  • Set up other employee files (benefits, disability, leave, workers’
    compensation, etc.)
Pre-employment Engagement

Pre-employment Engagement

  • Compliant employment application
  • Oversight of background check process
  • Oversight of pre-employment physicals and/or drug testing
  • Communication to applicant of pre-employment verification and
    testing process
  • Preparation of offer letter and oversight of acceptance process
New Hire Onboarding

New Hire Onboarding

  • Compliant new hire personnel forms
  • Compliant employment documents – backed by Clark Hill PLC
  • Compliant handbook (certain restrictions apply) – backed by Clark
    Hill PLC
  • Dissemination of employee handbook
  • Assistance with benefit enrollment process
  • Counseling of I-9 process and E-Verify, if applicable
  • Coordination of onboarding with payroll services


Sometimes, companies don’t need a full package of services. HR/Advantage Advisory can create a client-centric solution to meet your company’s unique needs. We oer exible pricing structures to meet your needs and budget. Examples of ad hoc services follow. If you have a need not reected here, we encourage you to contact us to discuss whatever it is you are contemplating.

Executive Coaching

While the concept of coaching is used in many contexts, executive coaching in a business setting is di erent from other types of coaching. A successful coaching engagement with an executive coach enables employees to react on priorities and direction and overcome personal challenges that are inhibiting professional growth with an unbiased, trained, and objective person. Engaging an executive coach is an investment in the growth and development of both current and new lea ers. Creating a Level Five Leader can transform your business, helping it move from Good to Great!*

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