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We are the premier provider of customized Human Resource consulting, outsourcing, and executive coaching services.

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Established in 2017, we have provided our expertise and support to hundreds of clients in almost all fifty states and across numerous industries. We provide our services to businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and educational institutions. HR Advantage Advisory is different from other HR service providers because we are staffed by certified HR Professionals AND we are backed by an international law firm. This allows us to provide robust, turn-key solutions to resolve your HR and business needs. We are passionate about your success and our role in ensuring that you realize your vision!

Practical and Timely
HR Operational Advice

HR Advantage Advisory is staffed by certified HR professionals and executive coaches who have worked across many industries and in-house HR roles.

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Get in touch with one of our certified HR professionals today to learn how HR Advantage Advisory can provide HR solutions that support your business.

  • Proactive Risk Management Solutions to Help Comply with Federal, State, and Local Employment Law
  • Access to Knowledgeable HR Advisors and Compliant Employment-Related Documents
  • Practical and Timely HR Operational Advice
  • Highly Responsive Team That Will Take Action on Inquiries in One Business Day
  • Complimentary e-Alerts from Clark Hill PLC Informing You of Important Changes in Employment Law
  • Complimentary Webinars by Clark Hill PLC Attorneys and/or Certified HR Professionals
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