Mar 16, 2023

Top Ten Tips on Selecting and Implementing a HRIS System

Recruiting & Creating Career
Paths for Millennial

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are individuals born between 1981 and 1996. Familiarity with the internet, mobile devices and social media are skills that are often associated with this generation. In the workplace, millennials are reported to be looking for more flexible work schedules, frequent feedback from their managers and career development opportunities.

According to a report released by PayScale and Millennial Branding, 72% of millennials stated that they value career advancement opportunities, compared with 52% of boomers and 64% of Generation X’ers. This study also determined that millennials are comfortable with moving from employer to employer or even switching careers to gain the experience they need to be successful. This makes it essential for employers to engage with this group of employees.

One millennial we spoke with told us “as a millennial entering the workforce, work life balance is something that is very important to me. I also value growth, both professionally and personally. When applying for jobs, I looked for companies that I could grow with and not grow out of. I would rather work with a company that values my intellectual abilities, rather than a company that has nap pods or jeans day.”

Some tips for recruiting & retaining
employees in this demographic

  • Highlighting all benefits, not just salary. Millennials look at more than just a salary as part of their job. They also place high importance on health benefits, retirement options, time-off and job flexibility.
  • Establish a clear career path. Millennials want to know that there is room for growth. As mentioned earlier, they are open to switching employers and careers in order to gain the knowledge they need to grow their career. Providing and communicating a clear career path as well as any training and professional development opportunities may help retain these employees.
  • Highlight company culture. Millennials place great value on their work environment and the people that are in it. Employers should emphasize values and culture in the recruiting process and provide a workspace that encourages collaboration.
  • Check in with your employees. Check in occasionally to gauge the wants and needs of your employees. For example, do your employees really value getting free pizza lunch every Friday, or would they prefer to work an extra hour Monday – Thursday and get an early start on their weekend on Friday. Regular check-ins like this could become part of an annual employee survey.

Gayle Wiley, chief people officer at Lifesize, provided the following insight to Business News Daily on millennials in the workplace: “Ensuring employees remain empowered to make working decisions that are right for their individual needs and priorities – within the company’s flexible work guidelines, of course – will motivate and inspire candidates and will ultimately lead to a more productive workforce.”

HR/AA is happy to assist with an analysis, which may include consultation with our Clark Hill colleagues to ensure that your pay system is in line with the market and addresses any internal equity concerns. We also assist with ensuring that your hiring and promotional practices are documented and in line with best practices.

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